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Chapter 3198 – Zhang Jin Yi prepare ignore
“Lord Envoy, Elder Zhen Hai brought up me since I was actually a baby. I can’t possibly view him perish without doing everything,” Zhang Dong Nan claimed inside a placating strengthen, “Please have mercy.”
“It’d be considered a joke if he can’t handle that girl. At the moment, I wonder just how the principal clan would act in response.”
A small group of seniors harvested and looked at the world within the sky.
“It… it seems like he would like to kill Elder Zhen Hai?”
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Since the blood mist dissipated within the oxygen, Zhang Jin Yi reported airily, “It feels like I overestimated you. You can’t even resist my invasion for less than one half a breath…”
“Lord Envoy, Elder Zhen Hai heightened me since I became a kid. I can’t possibly watch him pass away without having done anything at all,” Zhang Dong Nan stated in the placating strengthen, “Please have mercy.”
Because of a lifestyle-economizing sophistication, this elder was even more faithful to Zhang Dong Nan when compared to major clan. He was, in a natural way, displeased that any junior coming from the primary clan disrespected Zhang Dong Nan even though Zhang Dong Nan failed to appear to have offense.
“Maybe they’re testing their power?”
“Isn’t that this division chief?”
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Because the blood mist dissipated in the air flow, Zhang Jin Yi said airily, “It appears like I overestimated you. You can’t even hold up against my infiltration for under one half a breath…”
Amongst the senior citizens, only Zhang Zhen Hai observed Zhang Jin Yi and Zhang Dong Nan into your principal hallway.
Zhang Zhen Hai failed to actually have a chance to move before he uncovered Zhang Jin Yi acquired shown up behind him. His concept darkened, and also in that divided second, he exploded to a mist of bloodstream.
“A steer descendant through the main clan?” Zhang Dong Nan’s eyes increased. He recognized the key clan would mail a powerful Ten Recommendations Celestial California king, but he did not be expecting the main clan to give a straight descendant.
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Once the onlookers regained their feelings, they discovered that they had been too naive. At this time, they investigated Zhang Jin Yi as though he was really a frightening beast.

‘Perhaps, he’s just striving to consider methods to disregard this topic while holding onto his pride…’ Zhang Dong Nan believed to themself. Even if Zhang Jin Yi was much stronger as opposed to satisfaction of your 10,000 Struggles Heaven Sect, he failed to think it had been entirely possible that Zhang Jin Yi to get rid of Zhang Zhen Hai in just two breaths.
Zhang Dong Nan continued contemplating to themselves, ‘In my personal opinion, even that individual from the 10,000 Battles Heaven Sect wouldn’t have the ability to past greater than ten breaths against him…’ Even though he was devastated by Zhang Zhen Hai’s loss and planned to avenge him, he realized he was without the capacity to do this unless he had a passing away want.
“Please comply with me, Lord Envoy.” Zhang Dong Nan personally directed Zhang Jin Yi into the most important hall.
One more elder shushed the displeased elder. He looked at the trio furtively before he said, “Lower your speech! He’s the envoy through the main clan. Perhaps the department head won’t have the ability to do just about anything if he will kill you.”
The people in the Phantom Fox Clan’s branch ended up shocked following listening to these terms.
However, Zhang Zhen Hai explained indignantly, “How dare you behave so impudently into the division leader!”
Upon hearing this, Zhang Dong Nan’s expression evolved greatly. He hastily raised his hand to avoid Zhang Jin Yi from assaulting Zhang Zhen Hai.
As being the blood flow mist dissipated from the surroundings, Zhang Jin Yi explained airily, “It appears like I overestimated you. You can’t even withstand my infiltration cheaper than fifty percent a breath…”
Zhang Dong Nan’s eyeballs widened in jolt and disbelief. A formidable Ten Recommendations Celestial King like Zhang Jin Yi was not the most powerful involving his peers from the most important clan? Moreover, Zhang Jin Yi was only your third biggest involving his friends within the Zhang Clan? This has been to begin with he observed like his know-how was too short he was for instance a frog in the bottom associated with a effectively.

“Lord Envoy, make sure you have mercy.” Zhang Dong Nan quickly cupped his fists together and bowed at Zhang Jin Yi. His back was completely drenched in ice cold perspiration at this time.
“That’s less likely to happen…”
A team of senior citizens harvested and witnessed the scene during the heavens.
“Please observe me, Lord Envoy.” Zhang Dong Nan personally led Zhang Jin Yi to your most important hallway.
“What’s occurring?”
Zhang Dong Nan endured frosty into position, speechless. When he regained his detects, he shuddered. ‘This is the potency of a straight descendant from the major clan?’ Caused by him as being a Celestial Lord, he surely could see Zhang Jin Yi with the approach that had been exclusive to descendants with the Phantom Foxes along with the finest bloodline.
However Zhang Jin Yi was just a Ten Recommendations Celestial Emperor, to be a straight descendant on the Zhang Clan in the Phantom Fox Clan, his bloodline was purer than Zhang Dong Nan and also the other people out of the department clans. Hence, Zhang Jin Yi was rather haughty and just responded airily to Zhang Dong Nan regardless that Zhang Dong Nan became a Celestial Lord.
‘A direct descendant from your primary clan?’ Zhang Zhen Hai’s expression transformed significantly likewise at this particular revelation. Obviously, he recognized straight descendants in the principal clan displayed the reputation and finest bloodline from the Phantom Foxes. People were secondly merely to the Thousand Phantoms Ice cubes Fox.
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